WOW Initiative!

Wednesday 20th of February 2013 was an important day for St. Columba's National School. It was the launches of W.O.W (Walk on Wednesday).The small children were excited about walking down to the local green. Four girls from 6th class, from the Green School Committee helped to carry a big banner down to the local green. We all sang a traveling song as we walked along. We also welcomed adults to join us, so they could be aware of what was happening. We hoped to catch the attention of some of the parents passing by in cars. We are also trying to encourage all the pupils to walk on Wednesday or even walk every day. Nearly every pupil in the school made a footprint which had a slogan or a small poem written on them. They were stuck all over the school to remind the pupils and parents to try and walk at least once a week. Later on that Wednesday a survey was carried out in every classroom to see how many people walked on Wednesday. When we found the result of which class walked the most on Wednesday they were awarded the Golden Shoe award. The Principal announced the winning class on the intercom. The golden shoe award would be kept by the class until next Wednesday. Some people might wonder why we are doing this. We are doing this for our health and to get fit and to help our environment by not using cars as much. St. Columba's have a big year ahead of them with loads of great ideas to encourage more people to walk. We are looking forward to being awarded another flag to add to our three Green flags.      

 By Patricia 6th Class 





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