Green School

Fifth Class went to Ballymun Library for a sustainable energy Ireland workshop. They told us.....


That 97% of Irelands energy comes from fossil fuels.The problem is that causes alot of pollution and we could end up running out of fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels aren't our only option.We could use Wind, Water or Solar power.

Only 2% of the worlds water is fresh drinking water, and we are wasting it!For instance if we leave the tap running while we brush our teeth, it wastes 6 litres of water! The question is, how do we save it? Well, to start - putting on a wash only when the machine is full could save lots of water, so could washing all your fruit in one bowl instead of individually. There are lots of little ways that just take a little effort

A big problem in the world is climate change.So, what do we do?

Everbody thinks climate change means making Ireland the new Spain, but climate change could bring flooding to the West of Ireland, and droughts to the East! However if massive chunks of ice are breaking off the ice capsand melting into the sea, the cold water from the ice,mixing with the warm water thats keeping Ireland cool could cause a 2nd ice age!

Another problem in Ireland is the waste. Irish people need to reduce the amount of waste in our country. For example it takes 11and a half months to make a coke can but it only takes 2 days to recycle one! And come on, does EVERY biscuit in a packet NEED to be seperatly wrapped!

Well thats most of what we learned in Ballymun!. Hope you enjoyed!