St. Columba’s school has been extremely fortunate to have been selected this year to participate in the Primary Music EnsembleProject run by the Royal Irish Academy of Music and the National Concert Hall. Only 8 schools were picked out of 80 schools that applied for the project. An ensemble music group was formed from pupils in 4 th, 5 th and 6 th class with a total of 30 in the group. The group rehearsed each Friday with Ms. O’ Kelly. All the girls have worked really hard and made great progress during the project.

Workshop Phase (November 2017 – March 2018)  
The workshop phase consisted of three visits to each of the participating schools. These workshops were facilitated by the Project Academic Coordinator and tutors Hilda Milner and Fergus O’Carroll from the RIAM. The ensembles worked on one piece to be performed by their ensemble only, and one piece to be performed in collaboration with one of the other participating schools.

They then got to showcase their talent on the stage of the National Concert Hall on Monday, April 16 th, 2018.. The ensemble met with other ensembles in the NCH and played with the other participating schools in the collaborative Performance Day. Family and friends came along to hear the ensemble on Ireland’s most prestigious stage, in what turned out to be a wonderful performance. The Performance Day was an opportunity to showcase the schools’ work, and to meet and perform with other participating schools. The day consisted of a rehearsal with the collaborating school, followed by a performance on the main stage of the National Concert Hall by the school orchestra on its own and then a second performance with the collaborating school. All the girls thoroughly enjoyed this project and hope to continue to play together as a school orchestra for many years to come.