Attending School




School hours for Junior and Senior Infants: 9.00am- 1.40pm

  • Pupils should line up in the front yard and await collection by the class teacher or principal and enter the school via the gate adjacent to the church.
  • At the end of the day, pupils exit with their teachers and await collection by parents/guardians in the front yard.

School hours for 1st-6th classes: 9.00am- 2.40pm

  • Pupils should line up in the inside yard and await collection by the class teacher or principal. Children enter the school via main door in the inside yard.
  • At the end of the day, pupils exit with their teachers and await collection by parents/guardians in the front yard.

On days when there are staff meetings, school generally closes at 12 noon for all pupils. Please check the school calendar for details of other closures.

  1. The school is not responsible for children before 9.00am and after 2.40pm (apart from children who are enrolled in after school classes).
  2. Please ensure that children are collected on time at the end of the day as children may become quite upset when there is a delay.
  3. Repeated failure to collect your child on time will result in a report to the social workers in the Northern Area Health Board and the Gardai Siochana.

  4. If a child is absent from school, a note explaining the absence should be given to he class teacher on return. The note is kept on file. If a long absence is anticipated e.g. hospitalization, a note should be sent in advance. Under the recent Education Welfare Act (2000), absences of 20 days in any school year must be reported to the Education Welfare Officer even if those absences are accounted for by letter.
  5. If you wish your child to leave the school before the official closing time, please send a note explaining the reason for absence. Please do not collect your child early unless it is absolutely necessary. The adult collecting the child must report to the office and collect a pink card before going to the classroom. Class teachers may not release a pupil without production of this pink card.
  6. Each September all parents and guardians must complete an enrolment form. P lease ensure that the information given to the school is up to date and notify the school during the school year if there is a change of address, or telephone number, or if there are any family circumstances of which the school should be aware.
  7. If your child is transferring to another school, please inform the school in writing, stating the name and telephone number of the new school, the name of the principal and the proposed date of transfer. The new school will require a School Transfer Form which may be collected at the office.
  8. If you wish to see the class teacher, please make an appointment. Any matter that concerns the class teacher should be discussed with the teacher before discussing itith the principal.
  9. All parents/visitors to the school during the day should enter by the new security door at the front of the building, press the buzzer, be admitted and report to the office.


Please do not double-park outside the school gate. It is possible to park safely at a good distance from the gate without causing obstruction. In light of our current concerns about the promotion of healthy lifestyles and our concerns about child obesity, it would be advisable to park a little distance from the school and walk the final part of the journey. Priority for parking should be given to teachers at 9.00am. Please show consideration for other parents at all times. The traffic warden (‘lollipop lady’) assists pupils in crossing between Iona Road and Crawford Avenue at school opening and closing times.


Under recent legislation, smoking is prohibited in all parts of the school building and school grounds.


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