Green School

Climate Change

I dig down deep in my pocket,

What's this I've found,

An old piece of chewing gum,

I meant to throw on the ground.


I must have kept it there,

For some strange reason,

It's gone terribly mouldy,

It must be from last season.


Oh I remember now,

That place we went with school,

It told us exactly why,

Littering ISN'T cool.


If we throw things on the ground,

It causes climate change,

Which puts a blanket all around,

And lifts the heating range!


And if the earth gets warmer,

It makes the poor places hotter,

Which they can't cope with, so,

Lets get our page and jotters.


We'll make a list of ideas,

That can save the world,

Anyone can do it,

If you're a boy or girl.


If you see something on the ground,

Put it in the bin,

You can make a football out of an orange net,

Or an instrument out of a tin.


We may not feel we're doing much,

But at least if we try,

We help the whole planet ,

And less people die.

By A. Mc L.